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Dutch Apple Pie

from: Dutch apple pie (appeltaart or appelgebak) recipes are distinct in that they typically call for flavorings such as cinnamon and lemon juice to be added. Dutch apple pies are usually decorated in a lattice style. In addition apples and sugar, ingredients they have in common with other recipes, Dutch apple pies may include raisins […]

Raif Fluker Photography

Here is a link to the website of a photographer whose work I saw in Tampa Bay magazine: Here is a screen capture of one of his photos that caught my eye: … definitely not a handheld point-and-shoot snapshot.

Audio Books

Perhaps you are already aware of this … LibriVox is an online digital library of free, public domain audiobooks, read by volunteers. In October 2009, it had a catalog of 2,700 unabridged books and shorter works available to download. About 90 percent of the collection is in English, although LibriVox recordings are available in 26 […]

Synesthetic Geometry

One of these shapes is named “Bouba” and one is named “Kiki.”  Do you know which is which?

Reading Lists

I came across two lists—the top 100 novels of the 20th century, first as selected by the editors of Modern Library ( a division of Random House) and then as selected by an online poll of readers. I have read ten of the novels on the editors’ list and 13 on the readers’ list. Amazingly, there are […]

Solid State or Tubes?

Opinion 1 from: If you are looking for a high-power amp that won’t break the bank, solid state will probably serve your needs perfectly. Tube amps are costlier (sometimes by a great amount) and tubes are, as you might expect, somewhat more fragile. The difference is really in the way a solid state amp overdrives compared […]

It’s Not Fair

My middle school son is required to participate in a “history fair.”  He has decided to research the history of sound recording.  I tried to give him some ideas: I suggested that after reading the Wikipedia article, he may wish to further define his topic (e.g., “the cultural impact of pre-recorded laugh-tracks,” “multi-track tape […]

The Five Habits of Happy Families

This segment aired on “Today” this morning: 1.  give thanks 2.  seek out satisfaction in your choices 3.  focus on moments of joy 4.  spread out the joy 5.  focus on your circle

Pay for Popsicle Stick Writers

My children asked me how much money is earned by the people who write jokes for popsicle sticks. Here is some info I collected off the internets in 2004: Comedy writing for night club entertainers:  Gags only, $5-25 each.  Routines, $100-1,000 per minute.  Some new comics may try to get a 5-minute routine for $150; […]

This is not about Taylor Swift …

The December issue of InStyle magazine will feature Taylor Swift in an “augmented reality” cover. Readers who hold up the cover to their Web camera will see Swift spring to life surrounded by snowflakes in a 45-second video that ends when she signs her autograph across the screen. A dozen new advertisers will be introduced in […]