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Uncovered a Bug

About two days ago, I set up a new e-mail address on my GoDaddy domain.  I have received one e-mail at the new address (a welcome message from GoDaddy), but I have not sent any e-mails from the new address nor have I used the new e-mail address to register on any websites. Today, I used […]

Green Grass and Freeze Dried Forever?

It’s a beautiful day in Florida; 61°F in the shade at 10 a.m.  The cold winter was hard on most of the ornamental plants, but the annual rye grass that I threw down in November loved it.  Here is a picture (taken within the last half-hour) of our green grass and freeze-damaged plants.

1964 Nickel Super Macro

I was in my car in the parking lot outside a doctor’s office waiting for someone.  To kill time, I got my camera out and experimented with make-shift macro-photography.  I took this picture of  a nickel sitting on my thigh. Taken with a 55-200mm zoom lens, set at 200mm, through a 60mm lens handheld backwards […]

In the Style of 60 Minutes

This 2-minute video illustrates how to tell a story in the style of 60-Minutes: