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Non-Verbal Pain Assessment: FLACC Score

Pain is subjective and there’s no simple way to describe your pain to another person.  But, how does one assess the pain being experienced by an infant or child who is non-verbal? The FLACC score has been validated for measuring postoperative pain in children with mild to severe cognitive impairment. It has also been validated […]

Petrucci Music Library

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP), also known as the Petrucci Music Library after Ottaviano Petrucci, is a project for the creation of a virtual library of public domain music scores, based on the wiki principle. Since its launch on February 16, 2006, over 56,000 scores, for over 23,000 works, by over 3,000 composers […]

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on the last Sunday in April, can scan it and upload it to this website where it will become part of the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day celebration’s online gallery.

Cast Iron: Cooking and Cleaning

adapted slightly from: and Frying with a Cast Iron Frying Pan Always preheat your cast iron frying pan before frying in it. Water droplets on the heated surface should sizzle, then roll and hop around the pan.  If the water droplets disappears immediately, the pan is too hot.  If water only rests and […]

Nudenite Tampa

See artwork “in the flesh” at Nudenite Tampa, March 4-6, 2010. For more info: Hosted at: The Heights Waterfront – 1910 Ola Ave. Tampa, FL 33602