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What will the Future be like in 1999?

In 1967, this is what we had to look forward to in the future (1999): Part 1.  Home schooling, home computer, modular housing, storing photos on home computer Part 2.  Instant cooking, online shopping, family finances on the home computer, making music, home health center Part 3.  Checking weather forecasts online, greatly diminished time demands […]

Arizona’s New Immigration Law

The full text of the new law (about 18 pages) may be read here.  The new law adds text to several existing Arizona laws.  The new text is shown below in UPPERCASE BLUE letters. I have read through the new law once.  I may be grossly paraphrasing, but the new law seems to be saying: […]

Married to Distraction: Microsoft Word OCR

I placed a library hold on this book.  There is only one person ahead of me.  Still, I was able to read some of the book on, as shown in this screen capture: I used Microsoft Word’s OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities to convert that bit-mapped image into text: Have you found that it […]

Who Responds to these E-mails?

My name is Lisa I real feel shy, but I`ve to tell u, that you are just a man of my dreams… I was fortunate to find ur page but now I am sure it is a destiny)) You are superman… but I`m sure that in ur real life u`l impress me even more!! -)) […]