Calorie Restriction Society

I came across this interesting quote on the website this morning.

“There are many pesticides and other toxins in our food supply that are fat soluble. Human bodies store these toxins relatively harmlessly in body fat. If you lose that fat too quickly, however, all these toxins are flushed into your bloodstream, and your detoxification mechanisms (i.e., your kidney and liver) are unable to remove them [B120YD, 78-80]. You may thus wind up with much higher blood toxin levels than what people are normally subjected to, which may have any number of life-shortening effects.”

This was meant as an explanation for why to not lose weight too fast.

B120YD seems to be a reference to the book Beyond the 120 Year Diet, by Dr. Roy Walford.

If the kidney and liver are to able remove the toxins, how did they get stored in the fat?

If your body accesses fat deposits for energy (i.e. you are losing weight), then the CRS idea is that toxins stored in those fat deposits will be released.  If your kidneys and liver then remove the toxins from the blood, where do the toxins go?  back into fat?  into the urine?  If the standard mechanism is back into fat, then that wouldn’t work if you were in the process of losing weight.  If the standard mechanism is into the urine, then how did the toxins get into the fat in the first place?

It seems like the proponents of a lot of these “fad” type or extreme solutions are concerned about toxins, but more mainstream medicine does not recognize “toxins” as a problem.

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