Don’t Know Much About …

Now, here is a list of things I’ve never heard of:  Pearls Before Swine (except as in “do not cast …”), Neil Gaiman, and Y La Piedra Filosofal. If there are any other things I’ve never heard of, well, I’ve never heard of them.

Pearls Before Swine is a comic strip?  I can’t imagine reading a whole book full of comic strips.

Well, I looked up Neil Gaiman and found he is quite prolific.  I came across this picture:

… obviously a Harry Potter rip-off.  So, I googled +Gaiman +Rowling (3,070,000 hits) and found that I’m not the first person to notice the similarities.  However, The Books of Magic were published in 1990/1991, six or seven years before the first Harry Potter book was published, so it seems Rowling may have been inspired/influenced by Gaiman.

HP y la Piedra Filosofal, o en inglés estadounidense:  HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Wow.  I had to have a Spanish:English dictionary at my side and consult daily with my friend from Argentina just to get through All the Pretty Horses, which was only about 5% Spanish.  I guess reading a few comic strips is OK after trying to decipher Piedra Filosofal.

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