Obama in Town

I left my car in the Blake High School parking lot and walked over to the University of Tampa to try to catch a glimpse of the President.  The security was impressive, with SWAT-type guys on rooftops and lots of cops and secret service types on the ground.  Then a huge motorcade arrived with about fifty motorcycle cops and lots of black vans and suburbans.  Then there were three big black limos with little flags on the front; I don’t know which one the president was in.  Then there were an ambulance, a fire truck, and vans full of press and staff.  The motorcade went around to the back of the building, so I couldn’t see the President get out.  After the motorcade arrived, the police drove tanker trucks across the road so no vehicles could get in or out.  The tankers were labeled “potable water.”  The fire marshal determined that capacity had been reached and they closed the doors to the auditorium, leaving about 300 unhappy people in line with tickets.

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