Native Seeds and Rain Gardens

The new Kaw River Restoration Nurseries facility in Lawrence, Kansas, will offer customers throughout Missouri and east-central Kansas high-quality, genetically appropriate, native seed and plants along with the expertise to use and care for them.

Their website states that KRRN is dedicated to educating citizens about improving water quality through ecological solutions. Rain gardens are one way homeowners can join in the effort.

The Kansas City 10,000 Rain Gardens Initiative is a regional effort dedicated to educating citizens about what each of us does to improve water quality and manage stormwater on personal and community property.

Diverting water from your downspout into rainwater catchment systems has several advantages:

  1. Reduces the volume of water flowing to the sewer treatment facility
  2. Lowers the percentage of roof top rainfall as a component of urban runoff
  3. Backup source of water during times of drought or between rain showers
  4. Helps to keep our creeks and beaches clean
  5. Naturally softened water – great for delicate houseplants, auto cleaning and window washing
  6. Saves money by lowering your water bill
  7. Reduces the need for additional tax dollars earmarked for sewer expansion
  8. Chlorine-free water helps maintain a healthy biotic community in the soil
  9. Educational tool for teaching residents about water conservation

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