World Series Wager

My son and I have a bet on the World Series.  If he wins, he gets $10.  If I win, I get $1.  We get points for guessing correctly which team will win in how many games, who will be the MVP, and for total runs, total home runs, total stolen bases, and total number of errors by each team.  He doesn’t know it, but I got all of my answers online from a company that ran 10,001 simulations of the Series.  It wasn’t supposed to be so lopsided on the odds; I thought everyone in my family would sign up for a-dollar-a-piece, but I guess it seemed too complicated to most folks.  After all, who has any idea how many errors or stolen bases are likely to occur.  But, my son’s guesses were amazingly close to the simulation averages.  Either of us can still win, although he’s out of it for the ten point Phillies in six games guess.  I said Yankees in six, so I’m in good shape there.  The MVP question is also a ten-pointer.  I said Mark Teixeira.  My son said “none of the above” (i.e., not Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, Ryan Howard, Alex Rodriguez, or Jayson Werth).

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