World’s Smallest Political Quiz

Not being satisfied with the far left / left-of-center / center-of-the-road / right-of-center / far right, one-dimensional, evening-news brand of political spectrum, these quizzes place you within a two-dimensional matrix.

Here is a link to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, it should take you about two minutes to complete the quiz:  link

There is perhaps much to criticize about the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, but it is small and it is quick.

If you think the World’s Smallest Political Quiz is over-simplified, or if you think it is rife with leading questions designed to turn each quiz-taker into a Libertarian, try this more comprehensive Political Spectrum Quiz.  Answer 53 questions and rank how much each issue matters:  link

Finally, here is a link to a 106-question quiz put out by the “Center for a Stateless Society.”  I wonder if the C4SS is affiliated with the Organization of Cooperative Anarchists.  This quiz (well, at 106 questions, perhaps it should be called an examination) is designed to place you along five separate spectra:  Economic Leftist/Economic Rightist; Civil Libertarian/Civil Authoritarian; Socio-Cultural Liberal/Socio-Cultural Conservative; Anti-Militarist/Pro-Militarist; and Anarchist/Statist:  link

After having taken all three quizzes, I recommend that you go ahead and take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.  Sure, it was designed by a Libertarian and there’s a chance your answers will peg you as a Libertarian, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a Republican and vote for Obama.

I recommend that you not waste your time on the 106-question C4SS exam.  The questions are so full of wishy-washy qualifiers (probably, desirable, most or all, frequently, etc.) that it is impossible to know whether you are answering the same question that is being asked.  Also, there is no neutral answer, you can only agree or disagree with each statement (although you can do either “strongly”).

If you have ten or fifteen minutes, take the 53-question Political Spectrum Quiz.  The statements seem to be worded in an impartial manner.  Although some of the same wishy-washy qualifiers are used, the statements are short and unambiguous.  Not only is “Neutral” an answer, but the relative importance of each issue can be ranked on a scale from one to five.  For example, you can Strongly Disagree with a statement and then mark that issue as being only “a little” important.

The Political Spectrum Quiz will pinpoint your political philosophy on a two-dimensional graph similar to the one shown above and will also give your political philosophy a name.  After taking the Political Spectrum Quiz, you might be able to tell all your friends that you are a “Centrist Moderate Social Libertarian.”  Finally, you can compare your political philosophy with that of other demographics.  You can see how your thinking compares with that of quiz-takers who have identified themselves as 18-29 year old Black males in Missouri.  Then you can see how you compare with 50-59 year old White female Democrats in Florida.  Good stuff!

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