Married to Distraction: Microsoft Word OCR

I placed a library hold on this book.  There is only one person ahead of me.  Still, I was able to read some of the book on, as shown in this screen capture:

I used Microsoft Word’s OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities to convert that bit-mapped image into text:

Have you found that it is increasingly difficult to get your partner’s attention, not to mention affection? Are too many of your conversations devoted to bad news and toxic worries? Are you feeling a little lonely, even though you do (usually) love the person you’re with? Do you feel as if many important conversations take place on the go, or via cell phone with its incessant, infuriating dropping of the calls? Do interruptions often abort your attempts to sustain a conversation? Do you frequently cram an hour’s worth of dialogue into two minutes of blurting as you’re rushing out the door? Do you feel a rising anger at your spouse without knowing why? Are you frazzled, even worn-out, when you’re only halfway through your day? Do you feel as if communicating with your partner is like trying to talk to someone who is sitting five rows in front of you at a sold-out rock concert where you have to scream just to get the simplest phrase heard?

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, you’re not alone. Welcome to modern life, with its ever-expanding array of ways

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