Neuromancer and Inception

I missed seeing Inception on the big screen, but I finally saw it last night in the comfort of my home.  When Cobb landed on the desolate beach of his subconscious, complete with concrete bunker, I was struck by the similarities to the beach scenes in William Gibson’s Neuromancer, when Case is flat-lined by the AI.  Obviously, I was not the first to notice the many parallels between the two stories.

In an interview with Wired magazine, William Gibson offered his own opinion as to the inception of the film’s ideas, “I thought [Inception] dallied way more in Giorgio de Chirico than it did in Neuromancer.”  You know, De Chirico, the Italian surrealist who painted such dreamscapes as “The Uncertainty of the Poet”:

"The Uncertainty of the Poet"

From three novels to read if you liked Inception come these observations:

I first thought of Inception as a [Philip K.] Dickian film, but it’s actually more of a Gibsonian film. Neuromancer, Gibson’s first novel, is a heist story that takes place in virtual reality.  Inception fans should feel right at home.

Inception is probably the closest anyone will ever get to making a film version of Neuromancer. Inception borrows so much from Neuromancer that it’s impossible not to parallel the two stories. Most importantly Inception borrows the overall mood of Neuromancer, but there’s a remarkable similarity in details, including the “haunting” of Cobb by his wife, as the protagonist in Neuromancer is tormented by his dead lover.

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